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As the leader in water tank innovation Pioneer Tanks can't be beaten for quality and durability. Australian made using Bluescope Steel a Pioneer Water tank will out perform all other tanks on the market.


The unique and revolutionary 150mm diameter overflows connection and down-piping overflow. The exclusive Pioneer water tank feature is designed to carefully manage water overflow that’s greater than the water infill rate flowing into your tank. The overflow system meets the Plumbing Industry Board regulations.

Additionally to ensure that your water supply is safe, chemical free and clean, Pioneer water tanks also use mechanically sealed bolts as opposed to silicon which eliminates potential contamination.

Lastly the wall connection point has been designed as one piece spool that prevents water from contacting and potentially causing near the overflow.


8-80 V-LOCK

Designed and engineered in Australia, the 8-80 V-Lock wall profile is a feature on all Pioneer water tanks. This combines the strength of corrugated steel and eliminates the common downsides of stretched tank liners that are moulded to the water tank wall.

By utilising 8-80 V-Lock system the strength and design of your water tank is increased and will remain stable regardless of water size.

As well as providing a functional purpose the 8-80 V-LOC look adds a modern profile to your water tank.


Our Australian made Aqualiner® that is featured inside every single Pioneer Water Tank has been designed to protect your quality of water. Traditionally tank liners are a composite fabrication of industrial materials that has been designed for purposes other than water retention.

Designed specifically to keep your water safe, secure and chemical seepage free, The Aqualiner® won’t let you down.

The Pionner Aqualiner® has been manufactured to food and global safety standards and includes being BPA free. Helping to ensure your water is always safe the Aqualiner® features a multi-polymeric and multi-layered material and internal reinforcing fabric weave.


The outstanding double seam weld is at the forefront of our Aqualiner®. Manufactured using industry leading welding machine the double seam is dynamically heat welded.

The Aqualiner® also provides total protection for all liner joints and the patented double seam weld also prevents, wicking of your water seepage, drops, and leaks, .


Not only does our fully concealed bolt strip improve the appearance of your tank but it also serves as a great function and completely conceals all external bolts along the vertical seam of your tank.

The addition to concealing the bolts, it also adds security by providing a tamper free system.


The Swivel Foot Roof Connector allows for your tanks roof to be connected to the body ensuring durability and heavy duty connection using high-tensile bolts.

durability and heavy duty connection using high-tensile bolts. This exclusive Pioneer Water Tanks connection system provides constant load resistance and tie-down of the roof regardless of weather conditions.

durability and heavy duty connection using high-tensile bolts. This exclusive Pioneer Water Tanks connection system provides constant load resistance and tie-down of the roof regardless of weather conditions.


Every single Pioneer water tank is constructed using only class 4 Tek screws that provide the highest level of anti-corrosion.

Tek screws are renounced for their high strength commonly used to secure roof sheeting. With a corrosion resistance rating of 1 to 4, the class 4 Tek screw offers the highest resistance. .



Geotextile underlay plays an important part in ensuring your water is safe all year round. The Geotextile underlay provides a strong barrier between the ground and Aqualiner®.

Essential to the safety of your water the Geotextile underlay protects your liner from tree roots, burying insects, vermin and any sharp object.

*Optional extra


The purpose built Superseal is designed to be a closed cell foam that fills gaps between your tanks roof and wall.

Most tanks on the market fail to provide effective protection from spiders, vermin, dust and dirt where your Pioneer tank ensures your clean water is protected from external contamination.

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If you are looking for a quality water tank that will last the distance and provide you with clean and safe water than it’s hard to beat a Pioneer water tank from Border Tanks. Discover the difference and contact us today.

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